Basement of Kwanghwamun Square

Kwanghwamun squareIntroduction
“If you are prepared to fight to the death, you will live. If you avoid battles to preserve your life, you will die.” – Nanjung Ilgi (War Diary of Admiral Yi Sun-shin)

One of the best naval commanders Korea has ever known, a statue of Yi Sun-shin was installed at Gwanghwamun Square before King Sejong the Great to celebrate the 465 anniversary of his birth. On April 28, 2010, The Story of Admiral Yi Sun-shin was opened in the basement of Sejong Center to commemorate his life and accomplishments. Located next to The Story of King Sejong, the exhibit is divided into 8 experience zones further focused on 12 themes related to Admiral Yi’s life, ranging from determination and devotion to loyalty of country and countrymen. The museum uses the latest in digital technology to bring this great hero to life. Another great attraction to the museum is the turtle war-ship made famous by Admiral Yi shrunk down to 55% of the real size. Despite the down-size, the ship is still big enough for guests to board and row the oars, with a digital display of the ocean waves playing on moniters all around for a fun 4-D experience.

Program Information
* 4D Experience Hall
– Fare: Free
– Operating hours: 10:30-19:00
– Start time: On the hour and every 30 minutes (Run time: approx. 8min)
– Participation method: First-come basis
– Participant limit: 32 people

* Permanent experience programs
– Write a letter in Korean (Foreigners only)
– Write your name in Korean (Foreigners only)

* Special programs
– Operate during summer and winter break

Admission / Participation Fees

It is located with the walking distance from Best B&B

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